FB42 is a brand for being different. We'll help you open up your identities, but first, we'll introduce you to ours.

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Here are the places in Tbilisi that tell a lot about us. Enjoy with your friends and see ya!



FB42 is about the spirit of exploration. We love finding locations where you feel the history and soul of the place. This church is a prime example.
To become a real explorer, put on a jumpsuit!

Karmir Avetaran Armenian Church


It's a treasure trove of authentic art, That is why we, as artists from the fashion world, are drawn to this place. Dress warmly, there's something to see.

Dry Bridge Market


Natural patterns and shapes are probably one of the best sources of inspiration. Is there any better way to relax after sleepless workshop nights than to communion with nature? Instead of kip after work - airing your knees in the park.

National Botanical Garden


An excellent place for inspiration that, mixes different styles, textures, and vibes like us. Ride the cable car all the way to the top, and don't forget to take your shell - Spacesuit Neptune.



What else do you need to know about FB42? We are in love with Tbilisi madly! And especially the old city. Here's the perfect location to experience it. Hide in the shadows with your mantle vest Rogue.

A viewpoint in the old town


FB42 clothing is perfect to set up your game character, but for real. The spirit of gaming and virtual worlds is our future and a source of inspiration for the whole team. Wear your whole team in longsleeves Side with orange or white accents and fight in VR games.

Skyy VR Arena


Parties and music are what are in our hearts forever. How do you even live without a bass? If you go to the broken beat at Ertad, don't forget your comfortable hoodie Mark 2.0, see you on the dance floor!

Ertad BAR


FB42 is about self-confidence and self-love. And if you love yourself that you're dressed so cool, why not take a picture? Grab your the most colorful clothes, like a pink Deep Top, and run to the photo booths!

Photo booth

People often say they become different by wearing our stuff. Beauty Space Say Yes also helps to become a new you. Sweatshirt Ares will help you get a fresh start.

Say Yes

It Seems like it's work time! We love networking and making new friends often at places like STAMBA. Find shirts that will make your style not so formal and help with your work.



We love contrasts! That's why we invite you from the streets to the luxurious space of the Palace of Rituals. The aesthetics and atmosphere of this place are mesmerizing. Exactly right one to match with FB42 dresses.

Palace of Rituals


Let's dive into the street vibe, we're streetwear after all. Graffiti and underground spirit have always inspired us, and you can find it all in the tunnel under the track next to Vake Park. The Fenix joggers are perfect for walking and bombing!

A tunnel near Vake

Illusions are an integral part of our visual identity. We love to surprise with prints, to make them magnets for the eyes. In this, we are similar to the Holoseum installations. You can become an illusion experiencing our great Haori.



Usually people come to Poddon for the atmosphere, stand-ups, and quizzes, but we go there to trade socks for cocktails because we love the vibe! Our FBGOLFS are perfect for that. Also, the “42" cocktail is waiting you here.



What can tell more about identity than personal space? Except for the clothes, in which we put all our soul. Come even naked - we'll assemble you a crazy look, and then immediately take pictures of it in the web-punk pantry!

FB42 Concept store

FB42 — It is about how not to be scared to be yourself, to be unique.

We live in a world, where everything has changed. Past supports don't hold anymore, and anxiety comes to visit more often. At such a time, it is especially important not to lose yourself and your uniqueness.

Show up in your own style, be yourself, be brave, and our things will help you with this.

FB42 — your guide to self-expression

23 Shota Rustaveli Ave